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January 16, 2014

Grigorjuk E.N. Estimation of the model ventilation system parameters for industrial premises

Estimation of the model ventilation system parameters for industrial premises

Grigorjuk E.N.

With advances in technical progress, the impact of human activities on the environment is becoming more and more devastating. Nowadays, people are suffering from negative effects of various physical and chemical factors. One of the most serious problems of modern manufacturing companies is poor air quality inside the industrial premises. Specialists have discovered more than a thousand of toxic substances so far, which may negatively affect the state of health of workmen and cause dangerous diseases. Thereupon, the issue of ensuring industrial and ecological safety of manufacturing companies has become very acute. The paper considers the way of designing a model ventilation system for industrial premises using Simulink simulation environment in Matlab complex. The model experiment and the estimation of dynamic indicators are under way.

Keywords: model experiment, ventilation system, system model.


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«Engineering industry and life safety» №3 (17), 2013. Pages: 5-9

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Grigorjuk Ekaterina Nikolaevna – Graduate student, Murom Institute of Vladimir State University, Murom, Russia. E-mail:

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