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Сообщения из ‘Author Guidelines’ категории


Author Guidelines

The article should be prepared with text processor MS Word 7.0 or later. Accessible file formats are RTF, DOC, DOCX.
Article volume should occupy from 4 up to 10 pages. Page format – A4 (210×287).

Text parameters: font Times New Roman, font size – 11, red line 0.5 cm, line spacing – 1.5, spacing before and after paragraphs are missing, alignment – on the width of the page, margins: left, right, and top to 25 mm, bottom – 30 mm.

The article structure includes:

  • The index of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC);
  • The title of the article;
  • Surname and initials of authors;
  • Annotation, which reflects the main contents of work, no less than 100 words;
  • Keywords – (indicating the title «Key-words:») 3-7 words or phrases;
  • Main text of the article;
  • List of the references labeled «References».

The names of the subsections of the articles must be from a new line (font – bold, centered). Skip a single blank line between the title of section and the previous paragraph.
At the end of the article you should to write information about the author: full name; the scientific degree and rank (for example, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, associate Professor); information about position, place of work, city, land, contact E-mail address of each author.