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Сообщения, помеченные ‘Shmandiy V.M.’


Shmandiy V.M., Kotenko E.O. Noise reduction of centrifugal and axial fans

Noise reduction of centrifugal and axial fans

Shmandiy V.M., Kotenko E.O.

The paper considers the problem of reducing the aerodynamic noise of centrifugal and axial fans, which are equipped with almost all businesses. We consider now the ways to apply sound attenuation fans, shows the need for a compact and highly efficient silencer combined type. These silencers are especially needed in the absence of an enterprise of the sanitary protection zone. The design of the two types of silencers, which are patented in Ukraine and that have been tested for five years. The problems of protection from aerodynamic noise axial fans, drawn attention to the difficulty in solving this problem because you cannot install on these types of fans used silencers. A description of the newly developed soundproofing screen using the feathering. The screen does not take the wind load, keeps noise control properties in low wind, does not require a strong attachment. The screen is mounted on the roof of a building company and has shown its effectiveness.

Keywords: noise level, silencer, fan.


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«Engineering industry and life safety» №3 (17), 2013. Pages: 21-26

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Shmandiy Vladimir Mikhaylovich – Professor, Kremenchug National University of Mikhail Ostrogradskiy, Kremenchug, Ukraine. E-mail:

Kotenko Elena Olegovna – Graduate student, Kremenchug National University of Mikhail Ostrogradskiy, Kremenchug, Ukraine. E-mail: