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July 4, 2014

Sereda S.N. Analysis of efficiency of the ecological risk reduction methods

Analysis of efficiency of the ecological risk reduction methods

Sereda S.N.

The aim of work is the system analysis of the efficiency of strategies to provide the required level of the system safety and the reduction of the ecological risk. Environmental and economic feasibility of the proposed solutions, which increase the level of the system safety, are based on the estimation such factors as a probability of accidents, a reliability, a value of damage, the cost of the environmental protection measures and the life safety of workers. The criteria of evaluation of the effectiveness, which take into account both an environmental and an economic indicators, is introduced. The results of the analysis of the typical solutions, which are widely used in practice, are given, such as, the reservation of the system elements, the implementation of the control and protection systems from hazards, the automation of the control processes, the organizational measures on the improvement of the working conditions.

Keywords: model of accident, probability of accident, environmental risk.


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«Engineering industry and life safety» №4 (18), 2013. Pages: 25-30

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Sereda Sergey Nikolaevich – Ph.D., Murom Institute of Vladimir State University, Murom, Russia. E-mail:

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