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November 4, 2011

Engineering industry and life safety. №3 (10), 2011


Gorbunova L.N., Lieberman J.L. Increase safety belt conveyors 4
Kalinichenko M.V. The study of pollution in urban areas motor vehicles (for example, the city of Murom) 8
Oshkin M.I., Polozova I.A., Belyakov D.V., Ryskova E.P., Zheltobryuhov V.F. Engineering-geological research and physical-geographical conditions of construction industrial waste polygon at Sebrykovcement 13
Pervushin R.V. Improve safety of aircraft in adverse weather conditions 18
Solovjev L.P. Degradation of ecological and economic systems in a market economy 21
Stakovetskaya O.K., Kulikova N.A., Sovetova E.S. Assessment of air pollution in different areas of the city of Ivanovo 24
Sharapov R.V. Hardware organization of top-level operational storage of frequently used environmental data in multilevel storage systems 28
Blurcjan R.S., Blurcjan D.R., Blurcjan I.R. The study of technological residual stresses in the surface layers of the frog in centerless grinding 34
Blurcjan R.S., Blurcjan D.R., Blurcjan I.R. Increased wear resistance of high-manganese steel, high-temperature using gas-static processing 39
Gusev S.V., Gusev A.S. The theoretical justification for self-sharpening effect 44
Zelinskiy V.V. Phenomenological bases of the isofriction running-in of supports of the slip of machines. Part 2 48
Karpov A.V., Zelinskiy V.V. Improving the finish turning process through the peakless design tools using 53
Lazutkina N.A., Moshnina E.N. The problem of efficient use of energy engineering equipment 58
Nikitina L.G. Adaptive management of machine tools 61
Nikitina L.G. Research of electromagnetic support for high-speed spindle knots 65
Shlapak L.S. The development of standards of energy intensity of processing and machine parts 69
Jashkov V.A., Silin L.V. Error analysis processing teams of abrasive wheel with radially-movable abrasive segments 73
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