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July 19, 2014

Ermolaeva V.A. The system of cleaning the air from welding fumes

The system of cleaning the air from welding fumes

Ermolaeva V.A.

The paper presents the process of resistance welding as a source of occupational and environmental hazards. The excess amount of single-time maximum MAC of manganese, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, making up the welding fumes, is identified. It is advisable to replace general ventilation with a small-sized flexible system of local exhaust ventilation. The main types of dust collection devices and their application are analyzed. The choice of the given cleaning method is reasoned. The waste gas dust-air mixture should be cleaned by an electrostatic precipitator built into the local ventilation system. The calculation of electrostatic gas purification level and the efficiency of the given ventilation system are given. The selection and calculation of additional equipment (including fans and ductwork) are completed. The payment plan for air pollutant emission is presented, as well as the economic analysis of systems providing production and environmental safety.

Keywords: resistance welding, local exhaust ventilation, electrostatic precipitator.


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«Engineering industry and life safety» №2 (20), 2014. Pages: 5-9

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Ermolaeva Vera Anatoljevna – Ph.D., Murom Institute of Vladimir State University, Murom, Russia. E-mail:

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