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July 20, 2014

Sharapova E.V. The analysis of surface water pollution in Vladimir region

The analysis of surface water pollution in Vladimir region

Sharapova E.V.

The paper presents the analysis on surface water pollution in Vladimir region. The description of water bodies is given. About 120 million m3 of polluted water is annually discharged into the surface water. The analysis of gross pollutant discharges into surface water bodies is performed. The analysis shows a slight decrease in the amount of pollutants in the wastewater. But in spite of this fact, pollutant concentration in the surface waters is still high, and, as before, it requires certain decisions and activities towards better and more complete wastewater purification in Vladimir region. The list of major manufacturers involved in polluted wastewater discharge is given as well. The estimation of rivers pollution in Vladimir region and its time history analysis are presented. Nitrite nitrogen, copper, phenols, petrochemicals and iron are considered to be the main pollutants of major rivers in Vladimir region (the Oka River and the Klyazma River).

Keywords: rivers, surface water, pollution, waste water, water.


  1. Solovjev L.P., Bulkin V.V., Sharapov R.V.Sushhestvovanie cheloveka v ramkah tehnosfery [The existence of man in the technosphere]// Mashinostroenie i bezopasnost’ zhiznedejatel’nosti [Engineering industry and life safety], 2012, № 1. – P.31-39.
  2. Ezhegodnyj doklad o sostojanii okruzhajushhej sredy i zdorov’ja naselenija Vladimirskoj oblasti v 2012 godu [Annual report on the state of the environment and public health in the Vladimir region in 2012]. – Vladimir, 2012. – 106 p.

«Engineering industry and life safety» №2 (20), 2014. Pages: 28-31

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Sharapova Ekaterina Viktorovna – teacher, Murom Institute of Vladimir State University, Murom, Russia. E-mail:

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